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A Plague Tale: Innocence for PS4 & PS5 Cheapest price Zamve. A Plague Tale: Innocence you to download both the digital PS4 version and the digital PS5 version of this game. A dramatic story that will move your heart, about Amicia and her brother Hugo that have to face injustice and filth all day long. The little brother is stronger than expected and the older sister brings on the wits in this sad journey of the two kids. The heartbreaking destinies of the two brothers will make you emerge in the storyline and feel as they feel and also dream as they dream. Fighting Inquisition soldiers and rats and microbes and dirt everywhere Amicia and Hugo have to struggle to survive even though the odds are clearly against them at all times. Their world is unforgiving, and justice is never to be found for the ones that want to make a difference or make a change. The system, the world, the entire universe seems to be against them sometimes and never lets the loving ones and the good ones live life as they wish, without hard and overwhelming burdens. This drama adventure game is also a projection of our cruel world sometimes. Even though the rats have taken the face of taxes and the soldiers are now disguised as friends or co-workers, the plague is still among us, in a different, more sinuous approach. Is there enough goodwill in this universe for the souls that are actually in need to receive something more, some benefits from God or their lives? Unfortunately, there are too many stories like the one in A Plague Tale: Innocence that happens in our time and everyone tends to believe that a universal balance between the rich and the poor will never be possible. Moreover, the imbalance that we have created so far has no other possible trajectory that the one facing an even more brutal imbalance that will finally destroy the world as we know it and bring us back to Plague and Inquisition.

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System Requirements for PS4/PS5 Game

  • PlayStation Console 4/5
  • Internet line/Wi-Fi
  • Your personal PS account (You haven’t PS account contact us)
  • Play online multiplayer PSN plus membership required.
• Do not delete the account, doing so will result in a locked game and you won’t be able to play it anymore.
• Do not deactivate the account, doing so will result in a locked game and you won’t be able to play it anymore.
• Changing the PS4/PS5, formatting the PS4/PS5 or changing the HDD of the PS4/PS5 will lead to an unplayable game, sometimes this can be fixed, so you can download the game again, but you are doing this at your own risk. If this happens please come on Live Chat and we will check the account.
• The account can be activated ONLY ON ONE PS4/PS5. We are not responsible if you already activated it on another PS4/PS5 before, As a result you game an account will be locked.
• Before you purchase any DLC, Season Pass, or any kind of In-Game consumables please contact us. We are not responsible for any incompatibilities.
• If the account has to be replaced, any DLC purchased on it will be lost, we only offer warranty for the game.

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