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Borderlands 3 for Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One Cheapest Price in zamve. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One Game gives you a two-in-one opportunity to experience the maniacal side of Pandora and its moon in a single-player shooter and an RPG shooter both from the same storyline. You can play in multiplayer mode up to four players on the same screen or go for it solo to taste the Borderlands sequence in its entire grandiose display of hundreds of hours of play. Be a part of Handsome Jack’s rise from a normal person trying to do good and keep a close eye on his transformation into a maniacal narcissistic tyrant, obsessed with power, wealth, and superiority. This is the story we all know so well and we have even seen it dozens of times in real life. It is not a general rule, some people remain good no matter their wealth, but others tend to change into unrecognizable evil persons. As in the Stanford experiment performed by the famous Zimbardo, it is not about the bad apples in the barrel, but it surely is about some potentially bad apples that we all are, put in the bad barrel. The normal, and so far from insanity persons, became intentionally evil and harmful regarding others when presented with power and signs of power. Nothing else would matter, it would all be for proving their superiority and power over others, nevertheless being almost equal. Is Handsome Jack a bad apple, or just the circumstances in which he is put make him change into this maleficent character? Go ahead and chase him into restoring the power and name of the four real Vault Hunters. You are now in charge of taking down this villain that has already done so much harm and will continue to in the director position he’s now in.

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System Requirements for Xbox One/X/S Game

  • Xbox Console One/X/S
  • Internet line/Wi-Fi
  • Your personal Xbox account (You haven’t Xbox Account contact us)
  • Play online multiplayer Xbox Gold membership required.
• You cannot activate the account as Home Xbox on two consoles! As a result you game an account will be locked.
• Before you purchase any DLC, Season Pass, or any kind of In-Game consumables please contact us. We are not responsible for any incompatibilities.
• Never purchase anything on the account you received from us, if it has to be replaced for any reason, you will lose all the purchases made. We only offer a warranty for our products.

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